Hydrogen is the missing link to a fully decarbonized society

Key in the energy transition is the ability to store and reuse energy

Today the grids are very inefficient structures with much of the energy produced being lost, since demand and location can not meet production effectively. Universal Kraft has been working on alternative and innovative energy storage solutions for a number of years, as well as Hydrogen production. Either to be used for storage or for direct use as fuel or injected into the natural gas grid.

The Group is active in developing a number of Hydrogen applications as well as major Green Hydrogen production. Among others, the company is now developing one of the first and largest project in Canada, to produce Hydrogen from solar, as well in Colombia, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Malaysia.

We are technology agnostic, but with preferred partners in the industry.

On the side of Hydrogen we also work with several storage techniques and technologies as large scale batteries (which we consider as transactional), compressed air storage solutions, thermo and pump storage.

Sustainable, Reliable & Affordable Energy!

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