Even if solar is growing in importance and size of the portfolio, wind is still close at heart.

One of Universal Kraft first renewable power sources was wind. Even if Solar today is dominating we still think that wind has a very important part to fill in many parts of the world. The industry is also here implementing new technology, everything from small scale local production to large scale windfarms. For Sweden the combination with solar is especially interesting, since the production profile is usually complementary, reducing the capacity need for expensive storage in off grid solutions.

As wind is an intermittent energy source, which cannot be dispatched on demand, it gives variable power, which is consistent from year to year but varies greatly over shorter time scales. Therefore it should be used together with other electric power sources or storage to provide a reliable supply, for example to optimize the production with Hydrogen Storage.

Today we are involved in large scale wind development in Taiwan and in the Caribbean.

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